About My Services

About My Services

It is important for you to know that all healing is self-healing! A doctor may set a broken bone to align it, but it’s your body that does the healing. The doctor only facilitated to make the conditions the best possible way for that to occur. With this in mind, I am very grateful to be on your healing team! I honor you as the boss of your health care team and will work collaboratively with you and all others you have chosen to assist you on your journey to improved health and wellness.

Your first appointment will be scheduled for 2 hours.  DURING THE COVID- 19 OUTBREAK I AM OFFERING SHORTER SESSIONS IF PREFFERD

We will begin with a detailed, whole you (physical, emotional and spiritual) history in which I ask you to share with me your life story. During this time we will explore recurring patterns of trauma (for example “I always seem to hurt myself on my left side”), dis-ease process, losses and other stressors.

We will begin to explore the mind-body connection. Research is showing there is an intimate and dynamic relationship between what is going on in your life, with your thoughts and feelings, and what happens in your body. “As you think, so you become.” I empower you to see how your patterns of thought, stuck emotions, toxins in your environment and/or relationships can contribute to disease or lowered quality of life. As you become aware of all that influences your life and how you flow with it, the energy repatterns and holds health versus dis-ease.

We will set mutual goals for your health and wellness.

You will then lie fully clothed on a massage table. I will perform an energy assessment in which I scan the chakras (energy centers) and energy field around you with my hands, feeling for imbalances. Based on the goals set, things you shared during the interview and the energy assessment, I will choose a variety of energy balancing techniques and other interactive methods to repattern and align your field to restore balance and harmony. I will be using gentle touch both on you physically and in the energy field around you. When all subtle energy systems (field, chakras, meridians) are in balance, health follows. I have advanced training in various forms of energy balancing techniques (Native American Medicine, Energetic Transformations, Cranio Sacral) that are complementary to other forms of health care, such as cancer care, counseling, physical therapy to name a few.

At the end of the session we will evaluate how you feel. I will give you “homework” which may include saying affirmations, teach you meditation techniques or a self energy balancing technique, suggest journaling or something else that will empower you to move towards your goals.

Subsequent sessions are usually 60-90 minutes. We will evaluate your response to the treatment, adjust goals as needed and get right to work on the table.

All good nurses know how to work their way out of a job! My goals are to help facilitate and align proper energy flow in you and empower you to take good care of yourself, holistically, on all levels.

How much will it cost?

Remote Sessions are currently discounted at $100 per hour thru the duration of the Coronavirus (I am focusing on supporting your Immune System and other stated needs: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.) Payment by credit card is necessary at time of service. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) do reimburse for my services. Unfortunately insurance companies do not cover many Integrative Medicine practices at this time.

Cancellation Policy:
If a client needs to cancel an appointment they will incur a $100 fee unless they provide 24 hrs or more notice and reschedule the appointment.