Meet Ann Marie

Meet Ann Marie

Ann Marie was born with innate desire to help, heal and facilitate. She has always held a holistic view, understanding that the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, as well as environmental and relational aspects of one’s life has a great impact on that life. She received formal nursing training and became a licensed Registered Nurse (RN) and spent 17 years in conventional nursing. Thru Ann Marie’s nursing experience, she’s seen the full scope of life’s path from birth (OB-Gyne), it’s traumas (Emergency Room) to it’s end (Home Care – Hospice).

From frustration over the number of prescribed medications that her parents and patients were being given, Ann Marie knew there had to be another way, so she was drawn to herbal and nutritional healing. She went to work as primary nurse at a holistic doctor’s office. She discovered and joined the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). While praying for direction based on the Gifts of the Spirit, she asked herself and God, I am a nurse. Am I a healer? That’s when Healing Touch entered her life. Healing Touch has transformed her life and answered her question – she has the ability to help people heal in a safe and natural way! She opened her office in 1998.

Ann Marie loved this work so much she wanted to share it everywhere! She became a Certified Instructor in 2001. While in training she met a Cherokee Medicine Man who took her under wing and shared ancient healing ways. They say when a Spiritual teacher comes into your life, God will give you a dream. Shortly after meeting Standing Bear she had a dream the two of them were sitting on a hill trying to dig beneath the surface with their hands. He said “Hold on a minute I’ve got some tools so that we could dig deeper.” Deeper they have gone ever since; into her personal healing and many tools for assisting others in their healing.

She now integrates Native American ways along with Energy Medicine (Healing Touch, Reiki), Energetic Allergy Elimination, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Energetic Transformations which includes Release of Spirit Attachments; Energetic Cords & Hara Strengthening & Repair. House Clearings also available.

She also volunteers at “Stand Downs” to assist veteran’s directly.