Where to Find Ann Marie

Where to Find Ann Marie


Ann Marie O’Malley, RN, HTCP/I

Hello! I am conveniently located  at 28379 Davis Parkway, Suite 803, Warrenville, IL 60555. My Chrysalis Healing Center is located on the second floor inside The Health Doctors. Decorated with many butterflies, it’s the perfect place to transform and emerge into a healthier you!

When you schedule your appointment please mention if you are unable to walk up stairs as I will arrange to see you in a first floor office.

As a public speaker, I am available to speak at any event or groups where there is a desire to learn holistic healing methods and ideas.

You may e-mail me at: chrysalishealingctr@gmail.com or you may call me at 630-674-8040

Additional information is at: www.chicagohealers.com/interviews/aomalley.html

Blog Post 7/14/18:

My Earliest Experience with Healing Energy by Ann Marie O’Malley, RN, QM, HTCP-I

My journey began in 1995 when I discovered the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). I said to myself “I have always held a holistic focus, I’ll sign up to be a member.” When the information arrived, there was also a brochure for a class called “Healing Touch”. I felt called to take it.

I attended the class and had an amazing experience! I could actually feel the energy of others, without touching them with my hands. I was also aware of subtle changes within me as others were doing treatments on me, also without physical contact. I had carried much tension in my upper back and shoulders for years. My husband would regularly try to massage it out but was unable to do so. While I was lying faceup on a massage table another student performed a technique on me called “Magnetic Clearing”. With her hands in the energy field over me she pulled energy from 12 inches above the top of my head, down through my body to a foot below my feet, without any physical contact, for 15 minutes. I could feel things moving in my back. When I sat up on the table afterward, I could feel an incredible warmth in my back as blood was now flowing into muscles that it couldn’t get into before! I also had a sense that as she released the energy from my field, that it was transformed into butterflies now flying free! (That moment is what led me to later name my business: The Chrysalis Healing Center, Inc., A Safe Haven for Transformation.)

When my husband greeted me on my arrival home I asked him to feel my back. “What happened? Your muscles aren’t tight anymore!” He was amazed as I was!

Healing Touch techniques offer so many ways to relieve pain, tension, calm stress and so much more. This is a simple method called Magnetic Passes: Hands in Motion. First become grounded and centered by imagining yourself as a tree with your roots deep into the earth. Draw the energy up into your body and out the crown of your head. Set your intention for relief. Feel the energy in your hands. With your hands open and your palms facing the area of pain or tension, softly brush down and away from your body thru the space 1-3 inches above your pain. You may use your hands simultaneously or one hand first and then the other hand, brushing the pain away. Continue for a few minutes until you feel relief.